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Vince Pitstick

Founder & CEO

Vince, a seasoned personal trainer and competition/lifestyle nutrition coach, has dedicated the past decade to helping individuals overcome health challenges and unlock their full potential through functional and holistic nutrition coaching. With a passion for assisting others and possessing a wealth of knowledge, Vince founded Vidal Medical, focusing on client-centered, natural care.

Megan del Corral, APRN

Clinical Director & Co-Founder

Megan del Corral, a double-boarded nurse practitioner with 15+ years of experience, is Clinical Director at Vidal Medical, LLC, and the medical director of Nutrition Dynamic. Specializing in critical care, women’s health, and hormone replacement therapy, Megan takes a functional approach, addressing root causes. Passionate about healthy living, she crafts individualized care plans to optimize her patients’ lives.

Michael Mercer

Co-Founder & COO

Michael brings a unique blend of high-level Motorsports athleticism and extensive entrepreneurial experience in the hospitality industry to the healthcare sector. With a deep commitment to a client and patient-first approach, he ensures every interaction with Vidal Medical is not only effective but also an elite and enjoyable experience. Michael, still an active Motocross competitor, is passionate about optimizing personal health, advocating for a holistic approach to emotional and physical well-being. His leadership at Vidal Health is a testament to his dedication to redefining healthcare, emphasizing compassion, efficiency, and excellence.

Dena Partin

Patient Care Coordinator

Dena Partin, the Patient Care Coordinator/Scheduler at Vidal Medical, boasts over a decade of invaluable experience in medical services. Her journey into functional health began as a Nutrition Dynamic client, igniting a passion she now channels at Vidal Medical, dedicated to assisting others in embracing the Vidal life.

Libby Riedmiller, RMA

Registered Medical Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator

Libby is an experienced Medical Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator at Vidal Medical with over 8 years in the field. Specializing in Endocrinology and Hormones for the past 5 years, she is dedicated to providing precise and empathetic care. Passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle, Libby is an inspiring role model. Her future goals include pursuing nursing school to become a Registered Nurse (RN), showcasing her commitment to ongoing learning and patient care.

Olivia Horton

Director of Patient Services

Lindsey Carter, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Lindsey is a board-certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with 20+ years of experience and holds a Master’s in Nursing from Northern Kentucky University. She founded and ran a leading Cincinnati medical spa before moving to South Carolina. Lindsey is dedicated to holistic healing, tailoring treatments to address root causes. Beyond work, she enjoys the ocean, backpacking, and family time. A Kentucky native, she often visits Northern Kentucky to reconnect with friends and colleagues.

Becca Duwe, RN

Director of Nursing

Becca Duwe, RN, Director of Nursing at Vidal Medical, brings over ten years of diverse medical expertise, including postpartum care, emergency nursing, and hormone replacement therapy. With a background in competitive bodybuilding, she advocates for holistic healthcare, prioritizing patient education to prevent illness and achieve optimal wellness and athletic goals.

Bailey Devries, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Bailey is a recent graduate from the University of South Florida’s Family Nurse Practitioner program, she possess 5 years of bedside nursing experience, specializing in acute stroke and diverse inpatient cases. With 720 hours of comprehensive clinical rotations, covering pediatrics, telehealth, and valuable experiences with respected professionals, she brings a well-rounded foundation to family and primary medicine.

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